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8" Scissor Sharpening Machine

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This is the 8 inch diamond variable speed scissor sharpening machine. It is the only scissor sharpening
machine available anywhere that can sharpen every type of scissor made, from heavy industrial scissors to
very delicate high end beauty scissors and thinners to even the very tiny surgical scissors. For industrial,
barber, and dog grooming scissors the 8 inch diamond vertical wheels are unmatched in their ability to
produce the highest quality cutting edges possible. For high end beauty scissors (for slide cutting) this
machine uses the proven wolf Industries convexing method. If you are looking for a scissor machine that can
do it all there simply is no other machine available that can sharpen every type of scissor, from blunt cutting to
slide cutting. Unlike other scissor sharpening machines this machine was designed from the ground up to do it

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Unfortunately many sharpeners out in the field do not realize that there is a big difference in the way scissors
are sharpened, so they sharpen all scissors exactly the same, usually the same way they sharpen beauty
scissors. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Only stylist using beauty scissors want their scissors to slide
cut, all others want their scissors to blunt cut! This is very important and cannot be stressed enough. Scissors
that are sharpened to blunt cut will cut a straight line without pushing any hair, they are silky smooth to the feel
and can be set extra loose for people who may be developing or already have corporal tunnel. People who cut
women’s hair want their scissors to slide cut, and not push any hair. For those who purchase this machine I highly recommend coming for personal 1 on 1 training to learn how to sharpen scissors for blunt cutting, and slide cutting.


Back side.jpg

Back view showing the 1/2 hp DC motor,
control box and cord for motor and light
which can be plugged into a momentary
foot switch.

The momentary foot switch is
very helpful because you will
be able to turn on both the
light and the scissor machine
at the same time while
pressing the foot switch, Then
when you take your foot off
the momentary foot switch
both the light and the scissor
machine will turn off.

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The stainless steel adjustable yoke allows the arms to
be adjusted perfectly so when you grind a bevel on
the grinding wheel you can then turn the clamp over
to buff the same bevel with an exact precision
alignment. This is what precision sharpening is all

Clamp mods.jpg

Clamp has been modified with an
adjustable tip rest making it easy to tilt
and hold the tip down for a precise
torsional twist.

You will also notice that there
is a metal dowel pin on both
sides of the scissor clamp.
This extra dowel allows the
sharpener to remove and
replace the clamp post to the
opposite side of the clamp
body creating a true left
handed scissor clamp!

The clamp assembly
sits on an adjustable
post for precise
height adjustment
that is important for
precise bevels and
also for the correct
torsional twist that
allows for stronger
scissor tips.

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