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Clipper Blade Sharpening Machines

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Pictured is the 1 hp 18" wheel clipper blade sharpening machine.
As you can see in the picture these clipper machines come with a laser light that plugs into the front
of the machine. The clipper wheel is held onto the motor shaft by an aluminum hand nut that quickly
screws on and off for quick and easy removal of the clipper wheel. You  get two magnets, one 25
pound pull for horse, and sheep blades, and one smaller 12 pound pull magnet for normal dog
groomer sized A-5 clipper blades, and enough grit to sharpen hundreds of clipper blades along with
oil and a round wood applicator block for charging the wheel with grit. The motor is reversible for
left handed people and one on one training is free when you purchase any of our clipper blade
sharpening machines.

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Clipper Blade Sharpening Machine Prices

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12" Clipper Blade Machine: $1150.00
14" Clipper Blade Machine: $1450.00
16" Clipper Blade Machine: $1550.00
18" Clipper Blade Machine: $1650.00
21" Clipper Blade machine: $2150.00
24" Clipper Blade Machine: $2450.00

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The 12", and 14" machines both use a 1/2 hp motor and have a standard 1/2" motor shaft.
The 16", and 18" machines both use a 1 hp motor and have a standard 5/8" motor shaft.
The 21" and the 24" machines both use a 2 hp motor and have a 7/8" motor shaft size (required
for the heavier clipper wheels) with a 7/8" hub, but the shaft size above the hub has been
reduced to 5/8" so the center hole in both the 21" and the 24" clipper wheels are still the
standard 5/8" hole size.

This allows you to run any size or brand clipper wheel on this machine that has a standard 5/8"
center hole. The 7/8" hub and motor shaft easily supports the weight of any of the large size
clipper wheels.

When you compare the Ace 21" clipper machine to any other brand you will quickly see that
there is really no comparison when it comes to price and quality. Ace is and always has been the
only company that sells a 24" clipper machine to the general sharpening community.

At only $2450.00 the Ace 24" clipper blade sharpening machine is over $1000.00 cheaper than
any other brand 21" clipper blade sharpening machine available today.
Ace uses only the very best, fully hardened, sand cast, doubled sided clipper wheels.

When it comes to price and Quality;

Ace is The Place!

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