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Welcome To Ace Sharpening!

In addition to offering quality scissor sharpening, and clipper blade
sharpening machines at an affordable price, I would like to help those
who are interested in building their own clipper blade sharpening
machines to do so at a reduced price. There is no cheaper way to
acquire a quality clipper blade sharpening machine than to build it

Here you will find detailed plans for building your own clipper blade
sharpening machines.

Building your own 18” clipper blade sharpening machine is easier than
you might think. The plans are all done for you, the cutting list is all
done and accurate so all you have to do is cut out the parts from the
cutting list, mark each part with the proper number as it is listed in the
cutting list then look at the plans then match the numbered parts to the
numbers shown on the plans, and start assembling the parts, it
couldn't be easier.

This machine can be built complete in two days saving you literally
hundreds of dollars over the cost a new machine elsewhere. I can help
you with the parts you cannot make yourself like the motor hub, and
the clipper wheel just call me and let me know you are planning on
building this machine and we can work out the parts you are going to
need to complete the job. To build the 18” clipper machine you will
need to buy one sheet of MDF (medium density fiberboard) and have
it cut at the home center into four pieces 2’ X 4’, this makes it easier to
handle, one sheet of ½” X 2’ X 4’ hardy cement backing board that is
used for underlayment for laying floor tile. This cement-based board is
fire proof and is used to line the wheel enclosure to catch the hot

Note: MDF Dust Hazard Warning!

Be sure to use a dust mask when cutting MDF. I have been told that
the dust contains formaldehyde and can be dangerous when inhaled
over a period of time. If you are concerned about this please Google
MDF dust hazards for more information!

You will need a motor some wood
glue, a ¼”crown staple gun with 1” to 1 5/8” staple’s http://www., some paint,
you can use lacquer spray paint in a spray can. You will need four 3”
long ¼” screws, and four T-nuts to go with these screws, and some
rubber feet to go under the motor box to keep the machine from

You will also need a switch, and a cord for the motor. The motor bolts
to the motor mount with four 3/8” bolts 1” long so you will also need
four 3/8” T-nuts for these bolts. You will need some 12 gauge electrical
wire and some wire nuts to wire the motor.  That is pretty much
everything you will need from the home center near you like Lowes or
Home Depot to build this machine.

I will be updating the website as time goes by so come back now and
then and see what has been added. For now if you need a clipper
wheel resurfaced I can do that, or if you need a new clipper wheel I can
make you one. The sizes available on new clipper wheels are 24”, 21”,
18”,16”, 14”, and 12”.These clipper wheels are made from sand cast
aluminum that has been hardened to a T-6 hardness of 80 on the
Rockwell “B” scale.

That is harder than most stainless steel scissors making these clipper
wheels the hardest on the market. The harder a clipper wheel is the
longer it will last before it will need to be resurfaced. When you lay a
precision straight edge on the face of one of these clipper wheels you
will see no light shine from under it, the surface will be absolutely true
ensuring a perfect rub pattern on every cutter you sharpen.
Thank you for stopping by Ace Sharpening & Co!
Contact Information;

James Hammons
11030 N Charlotte St
Kansas City, MO 64155
Phone: Cell: 816-510-8744

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